About Us

Sally’s Scrap Yard is just the place to go if you would like to offload your scrap metal at Durban’s cleanest and most organised scrap yard. We think that having a clean, structured working environment helps improve business, is more alluring to the eye of the customer and simply also just more pleasant to work in.

Instead of working in a yard where you don’t know what’s what and you have to sort through all kinds of scrap in order to sell, we work peacefully and correctly with clear heads all the time and never having to become stressed as we can’t find anything.

Scrap Metal collections Edenvale know exactly where every item is meant to be ,making it a breeze to find when we sell the scrap to the recyclers.

We at Sally’s Scrap Yard are the middle men of the scrap metal industry. We are a business that collects scrap and also buys scrap from local dealers , we then clean the scrap we have bought, organise it and sell it to all the relevant large recycling companies in Edenvale. We buy your scrap at very reasonable prices and make sure that all of our customers return.

We make sure that the only thing you have to do is drive to us and we do the rest. We come to your car, truck or trailer and offload all the items you have. We then separate them into different piles dependant on what type of metal it is.

Some items are composed of more than one kind of metal, don’t you worry we use our equipment to separate it for you and put them into the correct piles. Our employees then weigh and count the metal in the piles and add up the total for you. After that they bring Scrap Metal collections Edenvale the quote and you either accept and we make the transaction or you decline and we help reload the items back onto your vehicle for you.