• Where in Edenvale is your scrap yard located?

We are located in Edenvale Central. Our physical address is one hundred and forty five Queen Street 4001. If you have any trouble finding our scrap yard please have a look on our website and see the map and directions. You will find this under the ‘contact us’ section of our website. If you are still stuck please do not hesitate to give us a call and one of our employees will gladly help you find us.

  • Is it really as simple as me not having to do anything but drive to you?

It really is that easy. All we need you to do is to load up the scrap metal that you want to sell into your automobile and come on down to our yard, and we will take over from there. We offload your scrap for you, we separate your scrap into the correct piles for you, we weigh your metals, we price your metals, we type up a quote, we buy your metals. All you will have to do is either accept or decline our offer. We accept all ferrous metals and most nonferrous metals. Please see our website to see which metals we do not accept. If you are unsure of how to identify the nonferrous metals that we do not accept ,do not worry, on site our employees know exactly what’s plotting and will inform you and show you the metals that we do and don’t accept.

  • Do you guys have a pickup service?

Unfortunately we do not have a pickup service. Please do not stress though, our yard is big enough to hold all of your scrap no matter how large the load. If you have  a lack of the correct transport for your goods, we can recommend a very reliable pickup truck company run by a very trustworthy couple, that we ourselves use when needed. If you would like that information, please feel free to call us and we will gladly give it to you.