Scrap brass Edenvale

Scrap Metal Dealer License

Did you know that all over the world Scrap brass Edenvale now have to have a license which legally allows them to be scrap metal dealers.

Making it compulsory to have a license in order to deal scrap metal has the purpose of trying to eliminate the criminals out of the scrap metal industry. Some people will go to the extreme lengths of stealing metals such as copper wire or cables in order to make a quick buck or two. In the year twenty thirteen, an act was passed that made it illegal to deal scrap metal without a license. When you apply for your license and it gets granted it isĀ  valid for up to three years before it needs to be renewed.

During those three years however, your license can be suspended or taken away from you.

There are two different dealers licenses that a scrap metal dealer can attain. The first is a site license which allows the dealer to operate from a set location in a particular area that is registered with the council. This allows the dealer to be able to buy and sell scrap metal from this site and this site only at Scrap brass Edenvale.

The second type of license a scrap metal dealer can attain is one where they are not fixed and are able to hop around the council area in order to collect scrap metal. This type of license is called a collectors license.

You may only legally be in possession of one scrap metal dealer license so when you start off your venture of becoming a scrap metal dealer, you will have to decide whether you would prefer to travel for your scrap or be able to only operate from one fixed location.

Scrap brass Edenvale has the power to deny a person a license if they see them as unfit or unsuitable for working as a scrap metal dealer.

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