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Brushed Aluminium And How To Clean It

Scrap Metal collections Edenvale can look very drab and dull. Brushed metal has almost a satin looking effect to it. Metals that turn out brushed are Aluminium ,nickel and stainless steel. Brushed metal can be a good thing when used to create art or jewellery as it gives off different looks and designs. If you take the time to look, you will soon find out that brushed metal pops up in your everyday life way more than you think.

As mentioned earlier your jewellery is brushed metal such as a watch or a bracelet. Every car has hubcaps on it to cover the main part of the wheel and also to protect it from any grime and also any moisture.

Well in case you didn’t already know, hubcaps are made out of brushed Aluminium.

The taps in your kitchen are also made from brushed aluminium and so are the ones in your bathroom. In order to prolong the life of the metal as well as keeping it looking fresh and new ,you need to clean it on a regular basis and maintain it properly and its life span will increase. Tips to clean your metal are as follows:

  • You begin by taking a fresh cloth and wiping wipe off all the dirt that has collected on the surface of the metal. If the product is one that has been lying outside you must make sure to delicately clean all the muck that has collected on the metal without actually scratching the metal. Sometimes taking off all the grime from outside can take a bit more time as you have to clean it cautiously, but just be patient so that you do not land up damaging the metal.
  • If the colour of your Aluminium has been changed, you can always mix together ingredients and make a cleaning solution that will help get the metal back to its original colour. Scrap Metal collections Edenvale is mixing vinegar with water. It works very nicely if wiped onto the metal in a circular manner.

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