Scrap Metal Dealer De Bruinpark

Scrap Metal Dealer De Bruinpark

Scrap Metal Dealer De Bruinpark  was the original owner of De Bruinpark’s locally famous Scrap Metal Dealer De Bruinpark, which started up many years ago.
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– Aluminium De Bruinpark

– All non ferrous metals De Bruinpark

– Tungsten tips scrap De Bruinpark

– Nickel scrap De Bruinpark

– Lead scrap De Bruinpark

– Bronze scrap De Bruinpark

– Scrap metal iron De Bruinpark

– Aluminium De Bruinpark

– Scrap brass De Bruinpark

– Copper Scrap De Bruinpark

– Stainless steel scrap metal De Bruinpark

– Scrap yard De Bruinpark

– Steel scrap De Bruinpark

Scrap Metal Dealer De Bruinpark   used to play amongst the scrap, then we outgrew playing , we became curious and started learning all about the different kinds of metals, when we were old enough we even began making friends with the regular customers.

Over the years our grandmother passed down all of her wisdom and knowledge and taught us everything that we could possibly ever need to know about running a scrap yard, buying scrap metal and selling scrap metal.

The most important thing to Scrap Metal Dealer De Bruinpark   was always making sure the customers always good the most relaxed experience.

Scrap Metal Dealers De Bruinpark
Scrap Metal Dealers De Bruinpark

A happy customer is one that will most likely return. That is why we make sure that the only thing our customers have to do is to drive down to us and let us take care of the rest. As our customers arrive to our very spacious yard, they will be greeted by one of our friendly employees who will have a look at the scrap metal that the customer wants to get rid of. Once the Scrap Metal Dealer De Bruinpark   has assessed how big the job will be, they then will gather however many employees they need and will start to offload the scrap. While this is all going on our customers can go sit at the little cafe that we have set up in the yard, and grab themselves a free cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and some biscuits and relax. After our employees have offloaded the scrap they then begin to divide the scrap into different piles of metal. If the customer has brought us items that contain different kinds of metal in one item, our employees will take apart the item and separate it accordingly.

The main Scrap Metal Dealer De Bruinpark   on the job will then count and weigh up all the different metals carefully, making sure not to leave anything out ,as we would never want the customer to walk away with an incorrect amount. Scrap Metal Dealer De Bruinpark   will then sit and type out a quote and print it out when it is done and hand it to the customer. The customer can either accept the quote and sell their scrap metal to us, or they can decline and our team of employees will repack their scrap back into the customers vehicle. Even if you do not accept our quote we still value you and hope to see you in the future.

The other part of our company sells all the scrap metal we have bought to major recycling companies who only accept scrap in gigantic amounts, and that is how Scrap Metal Dealer De Bruinpark   earn our keep.

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