• Scrap Metal Dealers Edenvale is definitely the way to go when wanting to sell your scrap metal items. The whole experience at the scrap yard is so easy, you don’t even have to lift a finger! The employees do it all for you! Besides for making money, my favorite part of the whole experience is definitely the free cup of tea I get every time I’m there and the interesting conversations I have with Morris and Melanie.
  • Those two sure do know how to keep their customers satisfied. It is the only scrap yard in Durban that offers this kind of amazing service. I willingly drive twenty minutes out of my way all the time just to sell my scrap there ,instead of at the scrap yard that is literally five minutes away from my office. It is worth every ounce of extra petrol. I’m old and have back problems so having the luxury of their employees offloading and separating the scrap for me is heaven! If you want a hassle free time, go on over to Sally’s Scrap Yard people!’’- Gregory, Ramsgate.
  • ‘’Morris and Melanie, I just wanted to say that the lovely Sally would definitely be extremely proud of the incredible work you guys are doing. I have been using Sally’s Scrap Yard for years. I basically watched the two of you grow up at the yard. Scrap Metal Dealers Edenvale was such a smart woman and she most certainly passed down all of her wisdom onto you two and it shows through the great work you guys do.It is as if Sally never left!’’- Nicole, Edenvale.
  • ‘’Yesterday was my first time using Sally’s Scrap Yard and it definitely will not be the last. It was service with a smile from start to finish. It was great pricing for my scrap. It was me doing the bare minimum. It was fabulous!’’- Irene, Germiston.